Can FP2 run without top module?

Due to the fact that I am not allowed to take my FP2 to some of the places I work at (because of the cameras), I was wondering if it’s possible to use the phone without the top module. Has anyone tried that before? Of course I would have to make phone calls with the loudspeakers and be missing the headphone jack, but whatever.
I know that removing the back camera is not a problem.

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It actually works even without all three small modules (top, camera, bottom). In other words, you can leave out all three together and it will still work. I tried it. :slight_smile:


At least for a while… :battery:


Nice, minds are gonna be blown when they see me with a smartphone and I have to explain that I just took out the cameras.
Thanks for the quick response.


To clarify, I did not try if making phone calls with just the bottom module in works. That’s something you would need to test, I would not bet everything on that the device is smart enough to combine the primary microphone and the rear speaker for calls.

I think you’d probably manually have to switch to speaker mode to hear something.

Yes, but my concern was rather if the phone can deal with speaker mode based on just the primary microphone (when the phone would usually want to use both microphones for speaker mode calls, if I remember correctly).

A bluetooth headset should work…

I can add, that a FP2 also boots properly without a screen :wink:


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