Can Fairphone 4 and 5 send emergency SOS messages via satellite?


Can FairPhone 4 and 5 or future FairPhone products. Can send messages to the satellite as SOS signals?

It’s this stated anywhere? So no.

And it doesn’t make coffee either.


WHAT…no coffee
But seriously why the question?


Because iPhones starting with the iPhone 14 can:


I took the liberty to fix the misleading topic title.

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So that will be useful for about 2% of people that have a smartphone?

Seems to me not worth the effort and resources…
But some people might find it very interesting as a conversation topic…
" do you know what my phone can do…"

And when you know you are going somewhere that has no service…you make arrangements yourself.
To keep a product affordable you need to make it for the masses…
And don’t spend time and money to add stuff hardly anybody needs.

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If it saves a users life, it was possibly worth it.
Although I agree, it is a lot of resources and energy that is used for it, I guess especially in the USA where the iPhone comes from, there are a lot of areas out in the wild without proper mobile net coverage, where this function can be helpful.


Although at a first glance this looks like a freaky idea by Apple nowadays, it’s not only them working on such things. Keyword is NTN (Non-Terrestrial Networks) in the context of 5G:


If you go to a place like that…just be prepared…seems like a no brainer

Even google knows the answer:

How do you communicate in remote areas?
Choose your devices

Depending on the location, terrain, weather, and availability of resources, you may have different options for communication devices. Some of the most common ones are radios, satellite phones, cell phones, personal locator beacons (PLBs), and emergency position-indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs).

If you are the exception…act accordingly and make sure you are prepared.

I am still on the side off don’t put it in to a (fair) phone for the 1% who might use it in 0,1% of the time


I didn’t vote for upgrading the Fairphone with it, I only said, that is it not completely without a use case.


Fairphone 4 and 5, as any other normal phones, could send messages to satellites via AST or Lynk LEO satellites, in the future. In case the Fairphone 6 is based also on Qualcomm chipsets, then it could be the case that it can use Iridium satellites, as explained here:
iPhone 14 uses Globalstar.


I am living in Puerto Rico, sometimes. I need to send signal of help. I thought FairPhone products are so good for those who wish long lasting tech.

They are. But I don’t see why the shouldn’t without satellite communication. That’s only possible -as said above already- with some iPhones.


If that’s crucial for you, then use the proper tool for the job. Satellite phones have been around for about 25 years.

It’s a good thing satellite communication becomes available now in smartphones, but this is just at the beginning with Apple now pioneering it. It will take some time to be widely available in smartphones across the board, if at all.
You can’t hold it against any smartphone which doesn’t have it right now without being unreasonable.


only on the newer and more expensive iphone. its much hetter to buy a satelite phone

Depends on what the purpose is. With a satellite phone you can even talk, but you need an expensive provider plan and a seceond device.
With the iPhones, starting with model 14, you can send an emergency message and your position for free, at least for the first two years after purchase.


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Sorry, but that was answered already two months ago :confused:.

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