Cameras working poorly on whatsapp

Hello, not sure if I’m the only one experiencing this problem, but I own a FP5 and the cameras work extremely bad in whatsapp. Taking a picture or a video from inside the app gives a way poorer result than by using the pre-installed camera app. In the same way, both the front and the main camera look bad in video whatsapp calls. The problem is not related to internet connection. Any suggestions ? or Is it up to whatsapp to release an update to solve the problem ? I’ve been owning the phone during the phone for the last 3 months and this is the only serious issue I have faced.

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For Video Calls see here

For pics and video: isnt that normal as WA will most likely not be able to use the camera software and uses reduced resolution?

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I have a bit of a similar issue with FP3+. When I am using the selfie camera per se, it works fine, but when I do a WhatsApp video call, my face looks weird. I looks as there was an extreme sharpening filter on or something. All the spots on my face get super exaggerated and it looks as if my face is full of spots.

This must have something to do with WA, because it only happens when I am using the camera in a WA video call.