Camera won't open


When I click on the camera app it won’t open. The screen goes black with the little camera icon in the middle, then a sign comes up saying “Camera error - Can’t connect to the camera.
Report Dismiss.”

This started a few weeks ago when I was on holiday in a hot place (35 degrees C.)

I have a FP2

This sort of thing is usually a matter of the camera not making good physical contact with the motherboard, and it’s resolved by taking out the camera module and then putting it back in again, as described in this iFixit guide.

Also, while you have the camera out it’s a good idea to clean the brass contacts with a cotton bud and some isopropyl alcohol, if you have some to hand. If not, just make sure there’s no dust or other debris on those contacts.


Thanks. But I tried that and it hasn’t changed.

Have you tried doing the above procedure with the top module? If the front camera isn’t making contact, it can also cause the camera app to crash.

Just tried that, still nothing.

Well, that’s me beat. If reinstalling the camera app, or trying a different app altogether, does nothing a good next step would be to install another camera module to see if that works - of course you’d need a second module for that.

Maybe someone knows of a software issue that can cause this behaviour, but it really sounds like hardware to me.

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If you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, they could perhaps check out whether the camera module is faulty by swapping it.

Else you could #contactsupport.


Thanks. I’ve asked ContactSupport for help.

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I’m really angry.
The main camera still isn’t working. The selfie camera does now work but doesn’t let me switch to the other one.
Fairphone have told me to post my phone to FRANCE where it will be looked at, at huge cost.

There’s some people offering their old (8MP) camera module for free on this forum (#market:giveaway). Perhaps get one of those, and install it to see if that fixes the problem? If it doesn’t, there’s something weird going on. If it does, the quickest solution then would be to get a new camera module, which costs €45.


I bought a new camera - it works!


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