Camera woes, open camera does not focus properly in low light, confusing settings, what settings you use

The settings are “STD”, “NR”, “DRO”, “HDR”, “EXPO”, HDR gives me better quality the rest who knows?
Also what’s the difference between “m”(manual focus) and “FOCUS{}” are they the same.
Not sure “focus macro” does anything other than not focus prperly.
“Focus infinity”?
“Focus continuous picture”?
Neither focus properly in low light or up-close.

So far this app is useful only for manual focus.

The reason I use open camera is that the original camera app sharpens photos too much.

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Well, this is Standard mode as the name suggests, works ok for me.

HDR superposes multiple photos for a better overall brightness. So it’s useful when brightness is bad, but exposure is longer as it takes three photos.

Even up-close?
Focus macro is for up-close objects. If you use it to take pictures of very little things (insects, flowers), it should focus normally when standard mode won’t manage properly.

Other focus settings I don’t really know, I don’t use them.

(If you already knew all this but you are saying it doesn’t work as expected, sorry, misunderstood your post.)

When it comes to focusing on objects that are close-by apparently no camera app that uses the Camera2 API works properly. What works for me is to switch to the original camera API in OC.

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I happen to use 3 focus modes using Open Camera on a FP1:

  • auto : by default (for landscapes for instance)
  • macro : to focus on small close up things with enough light
  • infinit : to get a better focus on small close up things when there is not enough light…

You get bad focus for landscapes in macro mode.

I use an external magnifier, hold stuck on the device, to make better macro close ups.

Yep I get same result in normal and macro mode, 95% of the time focusing does not work, it focuses perfectly for split of a second then defocuses. The best way I found is just to zoom in a bit in normal mode being as close to the object as possible. Manual zoom helps a lot, reason why I got it in the first place.

I understand that the Fairphone camera is limited, and in no way competitive with current flagships no matter what app. Not even with Pixel 3a which is w a y cheaper and would be anyone choice with a sound mind, especially in the age of broadcasting. Treehuggers like us will always be social pariahs, “childish idealists”.

I don’t think it’s an issue with OpenCamera though, it works very well for me.

I think DRO highers the contrast. It gives nice landscape photos.

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