Camera tips and guidance needed

I love the new FP4 camera photo quality but I cannot understand what I’m doing wrong when sometimes a little orange icon appears at the top of the screen and it will not take a shot until it goes. I’m I too close, is it too bright/dark? Explain!

I suspect there are many things I can do with the camera settings. Is there a guide, please?

You didn’t write anything about which OS or camera app you are using.

But maybe, just maybe you have HDR photo mode activated or the autofocus takes a long time in bad light situations or because you can’t keep your hands still when you’re taking the shot…

Many possible reasons, you see. :wink:

Maybe you’ll find some hints here or at least some “good to know” information:

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The Gallery Topic is to share pictures not really to discuss issues, just as a note

@RothburyLady do do you mean this icon (I would rather call the color yellow)? Else can you make a screenshot and share it here?


This is what I mean, yes. And you are correct, it is yellow :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Ok so thats indeed HDR and you can select automatic, on, off, just click on HDR above… HDR need more time to take pictures as it takes 3 to combine to one


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