Camera shutter sound on silent mode

I have my FP2 on silent mode (lowest volume and “noone”) but the camera makes the shutter sound anyway.


Right now, the only solution without root is to use another camera app.

I only want the camera to be silent when I’m in silent mode…

Well, these alternative camera apps allow you to turn it on and off.

The reason why it doesn’t turn off automatically in silent mode is the following:

So because the janapese/chinese are perverts, I am not able to take a photo in a important meeting/lecture without disturbing everyone??? SERIOUSLY???

If I am not mistaken it seems to be an Android “feature”, not an FP2 issue. I strongly recommend to use an alternative camera app like CameraMX which allows to turn off the odd camera sound.

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Even though I am not sure if the above mentioned reason is the actual reason why Google decided to not make the camera sound deactivate-able, but indeed it is an Android issue and not an FP2 thing. Yet, when I heard the above mentioned reason, my reaction was the same as @eralaek’s.

Anyhow, with a rooted phone its a matter of 10 sec. to permanently deactivate it; And no matter if in silent mode or not, I always find a camera shutter sound annoying - unless it is the mechanics of camera that unavoidably makes some sound.

Yes but I don’t want to permanently mute it, I just want to make the phone silent in every aspect when I go to silent mode.

So true!

Eh… Camera MX doesn’t shut up in silent mode either. This is definetly an FP2 issue if silent mode isn’t fully functional.

In Settings > Play shutter sound (not sure about the English translation, in German: Auslöseton abspielen) uncheck this box. And as explained above, it is not an FP2 but an Android issue. :wink:

Still, it’s crap!

I totally agree with you. :wink:

@eralaek: Cool down - this Issue will be fixed in the first update. :wink:


Update of Android? Or do you mean it’s not an Android issue? :confused:

The first Fairphone OS update will silence the camera shutter and screenshot sound in silent mode. This was the most voted feature request with 81 votes.



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