Camera shortcut Lineage 17.1 on lock screen

Hi everyone,
I was wondering how I can get the camera shortcut from the lockscreen on Lineage 17.1? On FPOOS, I know you can swipe from the right corner to open camera and the left corner to open phone, but I didn’t find such option on Lineage. How can I activate it? Should I try and find a lockscreen app which does the job?

Thanks in advance!

That’s not answering your question but it might suit your needs:
As a shortcut you can press the on-off button three times in a row and it should start camera mode.

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I suppose I could activate this option, but it’s true I’m a bit disappointed not to be able to activate the camera on the home screen through the camera button…

There is a Setting:
Lock Screen Preferences
==>Change Shortcuts
Left/Right Shortcut

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Yep, I found it as well in the following article:

But I don’t find the setting to customize the lock screen… I just have three options.Screenshot_20200620-125718_Settings_1

Oh, ok, I’m still using LOS 16… so… do you find anything when you serach for “Change Shortcuts” in Settings?

I looked for “shortcut” in the search bar, nothing about the lock screen.
Edit: So it appears that it disappeared from LOS 17.1?

Ok, well sorry for the wrong info then, can’t say anything about LOS 17

Should I ask on the thread for LOS 17.1 or contact one of the devs dealing with Lineage?

@chrmhoffmann @z3ntu would you be able to answer my question?

I actually found my answer on the Lineage 17.1 topic, I hadn’t searched enough for the answer…

I think this topic can be closed.