Camera score for Fairphone 3 is up on vcx-forum website

dont forget to click on the comparison button and check-out the differences with compteting phones.

BTW, if you have questions of VCX itself, post it here in this thread. I’ll try to answer them as far (and soon) as I can. yes I’m a VCX-Forum insider. Happy to help


Thx for the info.
Really interesting concept as well, though I of course didn’t check out the whole page so far.
The comparison-pictures are a really good way to experience differences for smartphone photographers.

True, especially helpful when one prefers to take a certain type of pictures. For example, if one is biased towards street photography, it is likely that response time would be important. if one is biased towards low light photography, well comparing the low light charts would be most helpful.

Note that Video performance is not yet part of VCX. So for now, that might be a limitation. I’m hoping that Video spec will be incorporated soon. hopefully in V2.0


Only 1 point lower than Google Pixel 3 (which sports the same camera as the Google Pixel 3a) which has the same sensor as FP3.

Interestingly, they get the same score for low light. Though we know the low light on Google Pixel 3(a) is good due to Google Camera app.

I remain being proud on Fairphone for their camera performance delivery :slight_smile:

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IMHO one of the most challenging patch on the test chart in low light is the low-contrast dead-leaves which is on the upper left part.


“Interestingly, they get the same score for low light.” True, there are several parameters that are taken in account when the low-light score is calculated. So the Pixel 3 might be very good at redering the structure/ texture as we see in the dead-leaves thanks to the advanced algorithms in Google’s own image processing chip + AI magic. You’ll notice that despite a slightly noisier image, this particular example of FP3 under test seems to be sharp even at the corners, where the pixel-3, not so much. This might be less important for say, standard portrait photography where the subject is typically not in the corners, but for other styles, the FP3 could be the better choice… have a look at the Seimens star snap-shot in low-light. Hope this helps.


As with the Google Cam vs Open Camera/Camera argument, the right tool for the right job is going to differ. Though I’m not in a position to pinpoint when/where.


Agree :slight_smile: , although I personally fall on the open side of the fence .

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