Camera says I'm out of storage even though I'm not

My camera routinely refuses to take pictures because it says I’m running out of storage, even though I still have many gigabytes available both in internal storage and on my Google account. I have even removed several GBs of photos just to make the margin wider, but the warning still comes up for no apparent reason, then it might go away, also for no apparent reason, and then later return.

I read that there could be an issue with the SD-card configured as internal storage, but I did not have an SD-card in the phone, although I did use one in my previous phone, and when I put it in my new phone now I can’t even see it appear and I can’t configure it.

How can I stop this from happening? I desperately need to be able to take and send photos rapidly for my work, and if this blocking comes up at random times, I’m scewed! I must seriously consider abandoning Fairphone for something else unless I can fix this within the next few days.

So please help me, if anyone has any idea what the solution could be!

Hi and welcome.
I think, that Google Fotos will keep a hidden recycle bin. Maybe search the internet or the forum on how to find this and empty it.

Also sometimes apps keep a lot cache (e.g. Spotify) that might not be shown through the settings and storage.

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Is your FP3’s Fairphone OS up to date? (Check Settings > About phone > Build number to find out what version you are on) There was an update earlier this year that was supposed to address an issue like what you describe:

If that doesn’t solve it, you might want to clear cache and storage of the Camera app and Media Storage (a system app) and see if that helps.

Last but not least: What’s the total storage use on your phone? (80%? 90%?)


When you put the SD card in the phone it will ask what you want to do with it, do you remember the prompt?

Check Settings > Storage and post a screen shot.

There are many topics on to this.

Once an SD card has been formatted as Internal, even thouigh removed and one being used as Portable you may see another mention

Meanwhile clear the camera cache and ensure you empty the ‘bin’ of deleted images etc.

Out of storage does not mean you have no space in the memory and you didn’t give any details.


All I can think of is you don’t write is where the camera app is trying to store saved photos I save Australia and they, i ssve photos by default at the DCIM folder in the Camera sub folder.

Thanks, appreciated.

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