Camera rotates portrait format 90°

If I take a photograph of a document, e.g. an A4 in portrait format, the photograph is usually rotated 90° automatically to a landscape format. Sometimes there’s an option then to rotate it but usually there isn’t. (Can occasionally happen with other items which are rectangular shaped.) I end up taking multiple pictures of a document until I eventually get one that is vertical or that gives me the option to rotate it. Is it to do with the angle of the phone? Thanks for any suggestions how to get documents the right way up!

A picture is a picture, you can rotate it in any direction you want.

But to be able to go in the details, which telephone, with which software and which app are you using?


I have a Fairphone 3, with Android 10 and the camera app that came with the phone. And now I see there is an option in Photos to rotate them by going into Edit then Crop so I’ll use that in future. But if you know how to get them the right way up in the first place that’d be good!

Well, I guess, if you use the phone parallel to the floor, it can’t use the orientation sensor to determine the orientation of the picture. Then a rectangle piece of paper looks like a landscape picture.
Can you try to pin the paper on a whiteboard for example and make a picture of it, so you have to hold your phone upright?


This happened to me on Friday. As Incanus said, with the phone pretty much horizontal, it may be that the orientation sensor is making it tend to landscape. Try tilting it up portrait-wise and then bringing it down to the horizontal, taking care not to tilt (in nautical terminology, go for “pitch” and avoid “roll”).

For documents I usually (but not on Friday :frowning: ) use Simple Scanner which has better results than a camera app and produces PDFs.

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Thanks very much both of you for the tips. In fact a rectangular object that I had tried to photograph was lying on the floor so I suppose it was the angle rather than the shape, that was the problem. I’ve just done a load of photos at various angles and the result is pretty unpredictable. But I’ve got a scanning app so that’ll be useful for some pictures, and the others I can edit.

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