Camera problem solved

Since March 2018 I own a Fairphone 2. Yesterday suddenly the camera had a problem ("… cannot connect to camera"). Soon I suspected an electric contact issue because the front camera still worked. I searched the Website and quickly found a troubleshooting page and the video about how to change modules. Well, after a few minutes everything was o.k. again.
So, thank you for the excellent trobleshooting page and, mainly, for the way the Fairphone is built: always repairability in mind – excellent!
In order to help others find the information:
Go to the support page at, next “I own a Fairphone 2” -> Troubleshooting and Repairing Fairphone 2 -> Troubleshoot Fairphone 2 -> Troubleshoot your Fairphone 2 issue; under “What’s wrong?” I selected “Camera”, then “Can’t connect to the camera”, and there I had all I needed.


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