Camera LED not working

Hi all.

The camera LED :sunny: on my FP1 (batch 2) stopped working roughly after updating to 1.8.
It happens both with the flashlight and camera apps: no errors, just darkness :sunglasses:

Anything I can try before ordering the spare part?
(e.g. a factory reset)

Thanks, Regards

from Italy

I don’t think it’s likely to be software related, but you could try a factory reset or a downgrade to v1.6 again.

That would be the way I’d try to find out if it was hardware.

Also, unless you’ve dropped it etc, it should be covered under warranty so I would speak to support directly first before ordering young own spare parts

Factory reset and software downgrade did not help. The LED still does not turn on.

I lost count of how many times I dropped the phone.
Does that count as not dropping it? :smile:

I’ll contact support to ask which replacement to buy.

Thanks, regards,

Hi Enos,

do you have any updates regarding this topic here? I have the same problem since a couple of weeks. I might have to do with a drop ^^
Is there any spare part or a software solution?


You can get spare parts here.

If the problems are related to dropping the phone I doubt there is a software solution

Hi Basti,

I have no definitive proof for the cause or the fix of the malfunctioning LED.

The spare part is sold by FairPhone, but you would need to replace it using SMD soldering.
I did not have specific equipment not to damage the thin plastic, so decided not to proceed, but I would guess there are ways to do it successfully also with an ordinary solder and a suction pump with due patience and care.

If you have the skills to replace it, PM me and I’ll send you my spare part for free. It’s for the second batch, but seems identical to the one for the first.

On a side note, I must praise the robustness of the phone, because after I dropped it many times it is still aesthetically immaculate (save microscopic bumps on the white border) and works flawlessly (save the LED…).


Ciao @Enos, vedo che scrivi dall’Italia perciò ne approfitto per comunicare un po’ più velocemente.
Sto avendo problemi al flash e credo di non avere altre alternative se non sostituirlo. Purtroppo al momento non è disponibile tra gli articoli del sito. Hai ancora quello che avevi preso? A meno che ovviamente tu non l’abbia già utilizzato.
Fammi sapere