Camera lagging with delay of 3-4 seconds

Hello all,

Since a few months I have a problem with my camera on my FP3+. When I take a picture, it triggers with a delay of 3-4 seconds or more, where I have to wait until that picture is saved to do something else or take another picture. I can still take pictures, but it’s not as convenient as it used to be when the camera triggered without delay. This occurs in the Fairphone Camera-App, the OpenCamera-App and the WhatsApp Camera.

I’m not sure what is causing this (update, etc.), but is there a way to fix this or a person who has had the same experience?

Thank you very much for your answers.

If you search you may find many comments about delays, but in your case:

My Gcam has a bit of a delay, could be similar but I don’t know if it stops me doing other things as I never was fussed. Will check it in a minute or two

What OS and version are you using?
Check how much memory you have, is it over 6GB
Clear all the camera bins and caches.

If you have an SD card ensure it is formatted as portable.


Just checked on my stock set up, with default camera: No problem
With my custom phone there’s some delay, I took 4 pictures but it takes a while process them all, but they are all 12MPx ( nearly a minute using Gcam)

I only get this when using the flash…so I just don’t use it :smirk:

Two more reasons for slow picture saving:

  • The delay might happen, if you save the pictures to a slow micro-SD card.
  • If you use options like “HDR”, creating and saving the picture takes way longer than making normal pictures.

Yes HDR and HDR+ are common. My latest update seems to have set mine to HDR+ :frowning:

Thank you for all your replies.
I have Android 11 (no custom ROM) and an empty micro SDXC Extreme Pro.

I tried out to turn of the flash and HDR which made it now way faster!

Thank you so much for your help!


Just ensure the SD card is formatted as portable so you can keep your media if the phone fails

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