Camera is slow to take photos

Hello. Is it me or the camera is slow to take multiple photos? When taking a photo, it needs to wait 1 or 2 secs in order to take another one. Would it be faster. Yesterday I was taking a selfie with my nephews and in the second picture one of them wasn’t there any more. He was faster than the second picture I was going to take.

The pictures need time to process, and show up in the thumbnail of the lates picture taken, but in fact if you hit the ‘shutter’ button multiple times in a row, it should result in several pictures in fairly short succession. Tried it just now.

I’ve noticed that it’s sometimes quite a bit slower just after rebooting the phone, or in bad light circumstances. Just an observation though :wink:

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oh god it’s so bad, i never know when the photo is actually taken either; it happened multiple times that I would take a photo, put the phone away, and when I come back to the camera roll, I would see that the photo had actually been taken when moving so the photo was blurry and useless


I’ve noticed that it takes to process. And between that a nephew is gone from the picture. ahah
I’m using a FP3+.

A segunda, 11/09/2023, 11:39, Rob via Fairphone Community Forum <> escreveu:

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Yes, it happens too. Quite stressing as you miss the moment with a slow processing picture taking.

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Is by chance the HDR mode on?


It is. What’s that for?

A segunda, 11/09/2023, 15:06, Lidwien via Fairphone Community Forum <> escreveu:

High Dynamic Range
With this option ‘on’ the camera will take three photos with different exposures and combine them to improve the contrast ratio.

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So the need for more time to process the pictures taken?

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Yes, that’s what I think.

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This is a bit off topic, byt I have had issues with my camera app for the almost entire time I´ve had my FP3+.

It ´s very common for my phone that using the quick open method (pressing the power button twice to open the camera) doesn´t work. It looks as if the camera starts to open, but then it just jumps back to screen lock. Usually I am able to open the camera once like that, but if I then immediately try top open it quickly again, it doesn´t work.

Also, my pro mode shooting RAW images take literally days to appear in the photos app, and even then they don´t alway appear.

Also other jpg format photos have a bit of a delay to appear and sometimes when I´ve taken a photo, the shutter button freezes and I can´t take anohter one before the first photo has appeared in the photos.

I used to have similar issues with my FP2 back in the day. I hope if I ever get to buy FP5 the camera keeps working better.