Camera hasn't worked properly since Android upgrade

It starts slowly, it takes seconds to take a photo, we know this already. But since the Android upgrade a few weeks ago, now the Exposure is broken too. It is very dark, or black, in most lighting conditions. You go into Settings, and select or deselect Manual Exposure: makes no difference (and no manual scale appears!) The selfie camera sometimes shows the image onscreen upside down. “Panoramic” has disappeared from the left-swipe menu of modes. You see other phones bristling with cameras that can sing and dance in 4D, but my phone can’t take a basic photo… :frowning:
Also my FP2 gets red-hot when you use Maps, and needs a new battery; and I’m thinking good-money-after-bad… physically it’s fine, but the software is killing it!


There are known bugs with stock camera app and Android 9 which can be resolved by using the Open Camera App. Only Panorama function does not work at all with Android 9.

My FP is running ok with LOS 17.1 Android 10, hopefully soon LOS 18.1 Android 11, for sure this depends on the apps etc used


Thank you so much - Open Camera works fine!
Phone saved for another month…


Same issues here, photos come out way too dark so the exposure seems to be off. Panorama doesn’t exist and yes sometimes the front camera preview is upside down.

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