Camera folder disappears when connected to computer. Help!

It’s getting a little frustrating: A while ago my fp started to ignore my micro SD. The standard Gallery app didn’t (and still doesn’t) show the Camera folder anymore. Only Whatsapp images, downloads and old pictures from a backup folder. sticking the card in a cardreader, made clear they’re there. So nothing’s wrong with the card.

I found out that after an update, hard reset or after the sd card had been removed, the camera folder on my phone was empty again… But still the images were visible through a cardreader.

I recently saw the light by downloading another picture gallery app: QuickPic. All of a sudden all my images and vids on my phone are there again. Great yet weird at the same time.

Now I just connect the phone to my computer. When I open QuickPic the camera folder is empty. Disconnecting and the folder is there again on my phone.

What could cause this, and how to solve this? Anybody has the same experiences?

Are you connecting via USB storage or via MTP (this can be selected through in the notification bar, when connected).

In the first case it is likely that the folder is hidden, so that no file conflicts occur. You’d just have to switch to MTP in that case.

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Thanks for replying Stefan.
I already tried to the MTP method but here the camera folder doesn’t even show up in the list (Android File TRansfer) unfortunately…
I can’t really remember when I started to get this problem (after installing something or sys update etc) but for about the first 12 months things were all good.

Oh, so you are on a Mac (using Android File Transfer)?

Have you updated to Fairphone OS Kola Nut 1.8.5?

If it’s caused by an app, you could do a backup using Titanium Backup, do a hard reset and install apps one by one to see, which one causes the issue.

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