Camera & Camera2 API - missing features & bugs

Hello and welcome to the forum. This thread isn’t really about this kind of app features, but rather about the underlying camera API (application programming interface) used to control the raw camera hardware using any 3rd party camera app. Also note that this is just a community forum. You probably want to #contactsupport with this request if you want these features in the stock camera app.


Hi there,
is there a way to get the fully featured camera on CalyxOS? Also wide angle etc?

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Please read the conversation above and see here


Just was reading ur tutorial for the camera hack and was wondering… U know u work for free to hack a phone to finish an badly done firmware? .

How do you install it as system app in system-priv?
I’m trying to include it in my LOS build. However, I do not know how to move OC’s gradle setup to Android.{mk,bp}.

When I last tried it I added Open Camera as a Prebuild APK. See Prebuilt apk in Build | AOSP Rom Development | Aditya Telange
Don’t think gradle can be included easily.

You can add it directly in the device tree git repo, i.e. create a folder device/fairphone/FP4/Opencamera with the APK and Also add a privapp-permissions file etc.

If you want to include the stock FP4 camera, you can just include the prebuilt APK via proprietary-files.txt

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Thx. That did the trick.

wide angel is working now in iodèOS
at least in their opencamera fork. not sure if it is also working in gcam versions. have no FP4 to test ist


I bet the OpenCamera is installed as a system app, that would explain it. I doubt there’s been any change made to the API recently.


I’d love to see this in CalyxOS… seems like a non-/low-priority issue currently :-/.

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yes, fixed with SYSTEM_CAMERA permissions
tried it some time ago but didn’t work. weird only now…


they are using AOSP based default camera, also as system app
you just have to ask them if the want to implement it in their camera, should be possible, too, i think

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The next CalyxOS update will include unlocked aux camera for all 3rd party apps. No need to mess with SYSTEM_CAMERA or anything :smiley:


Is this something you can alter in source? I thought it was in precompiled proprietary blobs.

It is in proprietary blobs but with a little creativity you can bypass the check:


Sounds great, looking forward to ne next release now :).

Man, Calyx is slowly winning me over with these bombshells


Just updated to the newest CalyxOS Beta and without any additional configuration got wide-angle support in GCam, just like that :tada:

Now let’s see when/if Fairphone manages to enable that officially for stock FPOS :roll_eyes:


I just wish it wasn’t so laggy. whenever I switch to wide angle in the GCam I use, it feels like it’s got night mode permanently enabled.

I did have some lags in a darker environment, in a well lit room it’s about as responsive as the normal lense for me.

You’re right, seems like some kind of low-light processing gets triggered, but the normal lense doesn’t have the same issue in an almost dark room :thinking:

Open Camera doesn’t lag with wide-angle in low-light situations either, so this is likely a GCam issue. Hopefully it can be fixed by diving into the configs :crossed_fingers: I’ll have a look.