Camera button doesn't work when using Whatsapp

I found out that using the normal camera app the button on the side works perfect. But when I use Whatsapp and want to make a photo only the button on the screen works.
Anyone also experienced this?

I don’t use whatsapp, but I have 2 theories:

  • it’s because the phone doesn’t recognize whatsapp as a camera app
  • it’s related to this bug (workaround described in topic)

With my FP2 it works. I uses the build in camara app. Did you maybe desactivate it? If not, try enabling privacy impact, as shown in the topic paulakreuzer suggested to you.

[Edit:] Sorry, I used the screen button. The camera button just starts Open Camera…

I tested it now, the camera button does not work when Firefox is on the screen. But on the home screen or other apps the camera button opens the camera app.

I did sone additional testing. There are two ways of making pictures when using whatsapp:

  1. using the paperclip in the top right of the screen. This activates the camera app and both the screen shutter and the side button work
    2)using the camera icon on the right side of the text box where you type your message. Using this option only lets you use the screen shutter

I also checkt if dis\enabling the privacy thingy had any effect but that seems not to be the issue.

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