Camera blocked with no.posdibilities

The photos are blocked. The phone says “l’appareil ne comporte pas de camera à l’arriere”. How do i get rid of this. It disapears after 10 to 15 days but comes back whenever i try to take a photo. The trouble is the camera is turned to me. I can only take selfies. Whenever i turn to the world or at least try the camera blocks with message stated in French which means no camera at the back of This phone.

Sounds like your camera is broken or not correctly connected to core module. You may try to clean contacts or check if camera module is correctly mounted.
If you still have warranty to may #contactsupport .
As an alternative you might try to find a #fairphoneangels near you to check with another camera module.


Thanks i’ll look into that.

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Agree with the earlier poster about reseating the module and cleaning the contacts.

If you end up needing a new module, I’ve got an original in Paris that I could give you (it still works perfectly but was replaced with the upgraded camera).

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Thank you for the offer. I’ll first do an opening up and checking of the caméra tonight, and if nothing is possible, i’ll get in contact. Thank you again.

I have finally noticed my lower camera is white. That means it’s out of order. Do you know if that is replaceable.
I have unfortiunatly broken the alternative screw i used but still am in hope it will be enough to open the phone.

I can pop by whenever you are available.


Garanti sans virus.

My condolences on the phone part… At least I can help out?
I’ll follow up with a direct message so we can arrange something.

Here’s my phone, but will ne gone tommorow around 15.00. Thanks

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