Camera and random reboot issues

Just got a brand new FP2, and for the moment I have this kind of issue:

  • Back camera doesn’t work (app can’t connect to camera).
  • Phone is rebooting randomly, whatever the app launched, even the basics one.

Opened a ticket at support 3 days ago but no response yet…
Any idea ? Could it be hardware related ?

I got my Fairphone 2 a few weeks ago and have similar experiences.

As for the cameras, my back camera works but front-facing does not with the included software with Fairphone Open 17.11.2. I installed another camera application from F-droid and both cameras work!

As for random reboots - I get on average maybe one a day. Trying to narrow down where they come from before searching for help but so far to no anvil - no apparent pattern in my case!

So we don’t have the same issue. Front camera is ok, back is not. And my phone is rebooting 10 ten times a day, sometimes even when I don’t use it.

This could have one of three reasons:

  • You have a new camera module but run an old operating system. -> Update your OS or check the updater app to see which OS version you are running and compare it to the #oslist.
  • Your camera module is not connected well. -> #disassemble the camera module and clean the connectors before putting it back again.
  • Your camera module is not working. -> Only support can help you.

Please continue here and check the first post there to get some tips.

If they don’t answer in the next days give them a call and have your ticket number ready as well as your IMEI and order number if you didn’t yet include them in the support ticket.

PS: Since the camera issue seems solved now I’m setting this topic to auto-close in a few days. For the random reboots please continue in the topic I linked above to avoid duplicate threads.

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Ok, so I did the re-assemble for the camera and now it’seems working (front and back). I’m now watching for reboots, or not hopefully. Thanks.

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