Camera always activated, how is this possible?


I noticed in the battery information, that my camera is always activates, and it drains the battery a lot (see image below, “Caméra activée”). How is it possible ? How can I know which app is doind this ?


Which camera do you use?
Standard or third party camera?

Quel appareil photo utilisez-vous ?
Caméra standard ou tierce partie?

Hello, I’m using the standard camera, and I’ve observed this behavior for a few days.

I restarted the phone, and it disappears (like last time), but it reappears, don’t know when exactly.

If I could introspect what process causes this, it would be great !

Well, there are several possibilities for consumption.
As you can see from your screenshot, your Wi-Fi is permanently active. This allows the camera and the permission to get your location to seem to be permanently active. To isolate the problem, please do the following first and only.
Go to Settings - Apps - Camera - Permissions. There you will see that your camera has access to your location. Please deactivate this. Then monitor your battery usage and let us know.

Yes, the Wi-Fi is always active (but isn’t it normal, so I can receive email or IM when the screen is off?). However, the phone is always on (“En activité”), which is not normal, and probably linked to the camera thing.

The location setting is already turned off for the camera app. But how is this related ? My GPS is off most of the time.

Thanks for your time !

What system and Version is installed? It seems something is preventing “deep sleep” of your FP2. The APP “AccuBattery” should give more details for this.

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As you seem to be still using android 7 on your phone, I would guess Fairphone Open… Updating it to android 9 might solve the problem. Open the Updater app and do the requested updates :slight_smile:


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