Camara crashes when flashlight is on

As described in the Topic the Camara crashes when flashlight is on. It’s repeatable.

When you say “when flashlight is on” do you mean “when you try to take a picture with flash” or “when you try to start the camera app while the flashlight shines”?
Have you tried dis- and reassembling?

I think it’s pretty much normal behaviour. It’s also reproducable for me, and it’s because the flashlight accesses the camera and therefore the camera app can’t access the camera.
So just switch off the flashlight to take a photo.

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@paulakreuzer its the flashlight(taschenlampe) function of android.@retsifp The Problem is that the camara is not working until a restart.

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Ok that’s then not normal behavior. @retsifp when you reproduce this do you also have to reboot to be able to use the camera again?
I can’t test myself.

I’m on FP Open OS.
When the flashlight is switched on and I start the default camera app, it resets (switches off) the flashlight and continues working. Then I can switch flash back on to use it for pictures.

Open Camera instead throws a message about the flash being used by another app. After I switched off flashlight I can use Open Camera again even with flash without restart.

Works as expected here.

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No, it just works as I described it above (Using OpenCamera). No need for a reboot. So it seems do be another issue for @Otto_Noll.

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