CalyxOS (is coming to) is here for FP4!

Don’t you have TWRP working for your Pix5? Backup/Restore could be a good solution to quickly go back to stock after your “little road-trip” :slight_smile:

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installed stock A12L manually again and setup my apps again. not that much. as said, only 2FA apps…
but thanks for the hint…

It is very quiet re installation of Calyx test system here. Do not see many experience reports on telegram for Fairphone as well.
For me it means either:
Not many Fairphoners installed it
Calyx runs so well that nobody reports any problems ;-

it’s just a test build… :wink:

I’m very happy with it so far, so yeah, nothing bad to report :smiley:

But I don’t use any apps that require real Google Play Services support, almost exclusively FOSS, so probably not the right person to test this…

Oh and I’m coming from a Nexus 4, so everything is an improvement :smirk:


I took a deep breath and flashed CalyxOS on my FP4 today. Thanks to @AlphaElwedritsch 's brilliant tech support I did not brick my phone by doing so.
It doesn’t feel like a test build - everything works flawlessly (including my banking apps) and Calyx is snappier than expected. However, the bluetooth bug is real and nowI need to use my old adapter for the time being.


Welcome to the forum :wave:

Yeah, I’ve been hit by the bluetooth bug as well.
It’s mentioned in the Known Issues but I completely forgot until I needed it yesterday.

But the rest is still a nice experience one week in :metal:

Interesting that your banking apps work without problems, did you look the bootloader or is your bank more relaxed with the requirements? :thinking:

I locked it. I am not sure if that was smart thing to do but honestly, I am not going back to stock android anyway.

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If you locked it and it didn’t brick, it was the smart thing to do :smirk:

I mean you can always unlock it again later if you change your mind and want to go back to stock, but those banking apps probably wouldn’t work with an unlocked bootloader.
I’m just glad it worked for you, judging from the experiences others here had I’m inclined to celebrate every successful lock :tada:


Oh wow. Didn’t know that others were not so lucky…I believe it’s because there is no “this is what you have to do” guide yet. Maybe you @hirnsushi or @AlphaElwedritsch could write one?

I wrote mine for iode :wink:
With now new avb custom key at iode and also right one at calyx it, I heard no problems anymore
/e/ and FPOS are using test keys. With actual knowledge, problems must because of that

Since people have bricked their phones even without ever touching one of the custom ROMs out there, I’m still waiting for Fairphone to investigate and clear up the issue.

I’m not gonna write a guide how to do it properly, sorry. I’m just a regular user myself all my insight stems from reading the docs and listening to people more knowledgeable than me. I couldn’t in good conscience recommend (let alone write a guide for) something that, at the moment, still has a way too high probability to brick your device.

As far as I can tell no one has actually found (made public) the reason why phones keep getting bricked. The number of reports seems to be going down, but I’m still not convinced it’s safe enough to try.


I am following all posts re Calyx and iodé but currently flashing seems to me more difficult than previously. Flashed last year successfully Lineage and later on /e/ but I do not understand in detail most of the new descriptions. The reason maybe the beta-stage of both OS and it seems that not many Fairphone 4 users flashed these ROMs.

So I will wait for final releases and than decide which one is the right one for me. Also /e/, which run very well on my FP3, could become attractive again as Gael Duval promised that APK-pure will be totally abandoned this year.
For the interim time using Stock Rom I am very happy with the the paid Netguard-Pro-Version which is not available in Play Store. This version also includes an Adblocker.


Is it possible/easy to create a custom CalyxOS build with pico OpenGapps embedded instead of microG ?
Bonus question: if anyone did it, would you mind sharing your build ? :smiley:

Is it possible to see anywhere how many test builds for FP4 are already downloaded?

The Devs are not active here
Better you ask in their matrix channel

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Calyx needs to be the default OS

Calyx OS is an android security and privacy focused OS. It is very fast and polished. You need to add this as a default OS. The people behind Calyx would love to collaborate with a smartphone manufacturer. Privacy is important! Make the fairphone more FAIR!

Please dont open further topics for the same and follow-up in existing threads. And just note this is a user forum so if you want to address to FP please #contactsupport

I merged one topic here and closed the third topic


I flashed CalyxOS on my Fairphone 4 two days ago, beside the bluetooth bug and the crashing calendar app (Etar upstream issue) it works perfectly fine.

Locking the bootloader after booting CalyxOS once also worked without problems.