CalyxOS (is coming to) is here for FP4!

Yeah I saw this today. Bromite itself is deprecated apparently.

I am wondering how the FP4 would be with CalyXOS ?

100% improvement over /e/OS


Thats all i needed to know

My FP4 is very fine running CalyxOS.

After more than a year of using it, I don’t want to miss it anymore. It is stable, updates are timely and developers are quick in fixing issues.


Works flawlessly.


Same here, works like a charm!

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Did you use stock FP4 Android before it? Would you say the experience is smoother? Is the battery life better? Etc.

I can just agree to the others (@SkewedZeppelin , @cosmic , @O.o , @Singulus , …) it works like charm! I never had such a “relaxing techie life” with a custom rom before. :wink:

About battery life, at least I cannot tell you, as I directly installed CalxOS when I got my FP4.

Another question:
Does anyone know if there is some new functionality that the phone is constantly vibrating when it is fully charged (like a reminder to unplug the charger or so) ?

It happened to me couple of times during the night that the phone vibrates (constantly but not very heavily) and I had to get out of the bed to check what the heck is vibrating in the other room. ^
Something new they added with the Charging Control or so?

Using 4.12.0 right now (looks like I have to update to 4.12.1 but anyway). Let me know if someone else faced the same! :wink:

Disablig haptic feedback should take care of any vibration:

Yeah sure but I don’t wanna disable any kind of vibration.
It is clearly related to the Charging Control. I also checked a different charger etc.

Everybody can try on your own.
Enable “Changing Control” and limit charging percentage to e.g. 80%

Wait until this value is reached.
Phone will constantly vibrate then, which is annoying of course.


  • CalyOS 4.12.0 - lets see of this stays or maybe already fix in a newer build
  • in: Settings > Sounds and vibration > "Charging sounds and vibration" has to be enabled → I disabled this for now, as I would like to keep the charging control enabled.

Or there may be some different reason causing this because I use charging control limited to 80% for overnight charging and I do not experience the issue you are describing even though I have “Charging sounds and vibrations” enabled.

I am on CalyxOS 4.12.1 and I think the only difference to 4.12.0 is the update to FP4.SP2J.B.086.20230807 that changes the screen’s sensitivity.

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Ah sorry, I thought you did. It’s the first thing I disable in any phone: I can’t stand vibrating things. Well, not in my pocket anyway. I incorrectly assumed what’s what you wanted to do too.

can’t reproduce over here.

Seams to be not happening anymore with 4.12.1 :man_shrugging:
So yes, @cosmic the update somehow fix this.

Still I’m wondering if it is healthy when the charging go on and on and keeps the level at 80% :thinking:
Maybe there will be further options in the future like a upper and lower limit or so.
(same like Battery Charge Limit - e.g. Battery Charge Limit | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository - Apps provided)

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Fairphone’s hardware allows for pass-through charging, so the battery is kept at 80% without being contstanrly charged and discharged, and the phone’s being powered directly by the current from the charger.


So I think my FP3 is slowly reaching the end of it’s life. And I’ve been looking around for a replacement. So far I’ve been running LineageOS+MicroG, which works well enough. But I’d like to go for something that supports CalyxOS or GrapheneOS, so the options are pretty much a pixel or the FP4. And I’d like to support the philosophy of Fairphone, and if that means less stellar hardware and some camera jank so be it.

But all of the reports of bricking with bootloader locking has me a little spooked.
I get that realistically an evil maid attack is pretty unlikely, but I’d still like a locked bootloader for peace of mind if at all possible.
Is the bricking still a common issue currently?
I saw the “make sure to get_unlock_ability before locking bootloader” post, but if this returns 0, is there a surefire way to make it possible to lock?
A lot of people here warn of bootloader locking, but aside from this issue I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to lock an unrooted custom OS.

Any insights?
I wouldn’t want to spend a couple hundred euros for a silicon brick.

Wait for the FP5 to get CalyxOS in a few months. That’s my suggestion.

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If you don’t want the FP5, Calyx has an installation script that does everything and checks for unlock ability before locking the bootloader. It worked flawlessly for me.
I lost the unlock ability before and the enabling option in the developer settings was grayed out with IodeOS (but I think it was my fault since I booted the OS before locking the bootloader). After some weeks or updates the option was available again. I don’t know how and why. Since then I use Calyx with a locked bootloader.
So if you are careful, you will not brick it. Maybe you don’t end up with a locked bootloader.

It must be re-iterated that Verified Boot is only enforcing when the bootloader is locked.
Verified Boot explicitly does provide protection against remote attacks, not just physical ones, as it makes it harder for malware to persist across reboots or factory resets.