CalyxOS (is coming to) is here for FP4!

I did not turn it off.

On Matrix (CalyxOS testers), when someone asked on Tuesday where to download 3.8.0 stable coming from stock ROM, they were answered to wait until the latest factory image and flasher to be on the website. I wanted to install Calyx this week-end, but I don’t mind waiting if I should. The question is: why is it better to wait than to install an earlier version and to upgrade? Would it change something with the security patch level and the bootloader issue?

It makes no difference if you install 3.8.0 and then update to 3.9.0 or if you install 3.9.0 directly. Maybe it’s because they want to get their device flasher released for FP4, you currently still need to install CalyxOS manually.


But they were talking about the 3.8.0 factory images, not the 3.9.0. So instead of flashing an earlier release and upgrade to 3.8.0, they were told to wait until the 3.8.0 factory image and the flasher would be on the website.
As I saw in the meantime that others flashed Calyx anyway, I just wondered why it was considered better to wait. Maybe it is only related to the flasher, as you said.

If you are at least somewhat familiar with the command line, you don’t need to wait for the device flasher to be available. It’s only the install process that gets easier.

Just get the 3.8.0 factory images and go ahead.

If you are thinking about locking the bootloader, please read a bit in the forum about the risks involved.
At least check fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability after the first boot.
Make sure you don’t flash an older patch level (which you aren’t in this case), check Settings → About phone → Android version now and after you flashed.

Maybe the misunderstanding / confusing thing about this

for you (@chrisse ) is, that this beta state and than stable / factory image availability for a new release is not the same as CalyxOS official support for the Fairphone (which would mean an official page with download links etc. … e.g. the same thing the Lineage users wait for).

You always have to search for the factory image (link) on your own or put it together manually (or wait until @hirnsushi is so kind again and post it here). This topic was discussed here: Howto install Calyx OS on FP4 - #39 by Smojo

Thank you for all your answers.
The confusion is actually between the differences read on this forum and on Matrix. I had read everything on this forum and @hirnsushi had already answered my questions. Then when I saw that someone in the same case than I was told to wait on the CalyxOS testers channel, I just wondered if there was something else I didn’t get. I wondered why they weren’t told exactly what you just told me (and which was what I already had understood by the posts on this forum).
Thanks for taking the time to answer me! I will do as you say to flash calyx tomorrow.


3.9.0 has been released as beta:

Not a whole lot of changes, works fine so far :slightly_smiling_face:

Link to the 3.9.0 factory images. The naming inside the .zip is still strange (FP4-sq3a.220705.003.a1), but the relevant file has changed, so these are actually updated images.


So I flashed Calyx today coming from a new FP4. Everything went fine!
I had decided not to lock the bootloader anyway, but after the first boot in CalyxOS I rebooted the bootloader and checked fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability out of curiosity: it is set to 0.

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I hear about bootloader lock problems not only with Calyx, but also with other Custom Roms. That’s why I haven’t tried to flash a custom ROM again. I wonder if there will be a solution to this problem at some point. Or is this a problem with the firmware? But then it could become an unsolvable problem.

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Fairphone is working on this…however is doing so since April already, so who knows…


And OEM unlock option is greyed out in developer options? Or could you change it there?

Yes it is and I cannot change it.

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How did it work with Automatic System Updates disabled?

Will there be a install now button or so?

I don’t know :man_shrugging: I couldn’t wait, as soon as the news popped up in my feed reader I hit “Check for updates” :see_no_evil:

Ok, so I will see when stable arrives.

3.9.0 was released a few minutes ago as stable :-). Just check for a Software update.


Hm ok, so it looks like nothing happens when Automatic System Updates is disabled.

I can click on the Changelog, and it already shows the 3.9.0 changes,

but there is no automatic offer/question to download or install this new release. :face_with_monocle:

I will wait another day, but probably I will have to hit “Check for updates”.

Did you (@hirnsushi / @Singulus ) uninstall Magisk before or just run the OTA update and then install Magisk to inactive slot (before reboot) as last time?

I had to follow the usual Magisk OTA update procedure and restore the image beforehand, so this seems to be a normal delta update again.
No idea why the last one was a full OTA :man_shrugging:

I uninstalled before starting the update, let it run and before rebooting chose install to inactive slot. No problems and now on a stable branch :-). If there just was some work on a fully-featured camera app :-/.

Edit. Weird is, that I am unable to open the changlog now AFTER the update is installed?