CalyxOS 5.3.1-2 released (Android 14) | Magisk and OTA

Android 14 in the form of CalyxOS was released a few hours ago, see Android 14 for more devices.

I,m using Magisk and the known OTA-update-steps. Uninstall via restore image, wait for the update to finish and reinstall directly via Magisk-App before reboot.

Should this work for an A13 to A14 update? Did someone finish the upgrade yet? I’m a bit nervous :grin:.

@hirnsushi Any thoughts?


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I’ve been running it since the beginning of the year already and everythings been fine so far :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s basically just like any other OTA and since A14 didn’t change that much interface wise you probably wouldn’t even notice that you switched over unless you know where to look.
And yes, the usual Magisk OTA dance still works.


It works like a charm, no problems observed so far :).

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