Calls/texts not working abroad (roaming) - Co-op Mobile, FP2

I travel a lot with work and have been abroad twice since I bought my Fairphone 2 (Reykjavik and Berlin) and both times I’ve not been able to make calls or texts - it usually says no network from memory. I’m off to Belgium next week and very keen to sort this out as according to the Co-op Mobile website I should be able to connect to local networks but so far that’s not worked.

Does anyone have any suggestions for why this might not be working for me before I go or things I should try once I’m in Europe again? Really want to crack this one as I have a lot of work coming up and my mobile being out of service for a week at a time is a total nightmare.


So I got a response from Co-op Mobile’s customer service - apparently the SIM card was barred from international use, which I wasn’t aware of when I got it. It’s now been unbarred and I should hopefully be able to use my Fairphone abroad in the future.