Calls going straight to voicemail

Hello all,

Maybe some one here can point me in the right direction. I suddenly stopped being able to receive calls on my FP2. I put the SIM card in an old Dumbphone and my test calls go through. Put it back in my FP2, tried both slots, test call goes straight to voicemail. I have tried all the settings and nothing works. Desperately need to receive calls right now, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance - Rees

Same problem here. I can’t receive any calls or text messages but I CAN call people and send texts. Whatsapp messages, Internet etc. work fine. HELP!

When people call me, they immediately hear my mailbox. I also don’t receive text messages. I can call and send SMS, though. Rebooting didn’t help.
I already contacted the Fairphone Support but they sent me an e-mail saying that they’re “facing a longer reply time”. That’s why I’m asking here.
Thanks for your help!

I moved your posting here, as it seems to me, that it’s the same problem.
So far none of the tech-addicts in this forum seems to have an idea.

Maybe it takes some more information?
What OS are you running and what version thereof?
It seems to be a new problem? I don’t recall having seen it on the forum before; but tbh I am not that qualified or up to date concerning stuff like this. So maybe someone else remembers something like this.

Could it be some app you are using or have installed recently?
Do you happen to use the same provider?

As to supports long reply times; take a look at #contactsupport.
Calling them tends to speed things up.

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Two days ago I suddenly got several texts and missed calls from the last days at the same time and since then I’m reachable again.
I run the latest OS (18.04.1) at the moment and I can’t remeber having installed an app last week.

Anyway, thanks for your help @BertG!

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You’re welcome.
That’s really strange. Could it have been a misconfiguration by your provider, that cut you off? That would explain to me, that you suddenly got all the stuff you missed up to now.
Obviously, they would not inform you . :frowning:
It just seems really unlikely, that it’s some error on behalf of the phone or some app.

Or maybe you accidentally activated redirection of calls to the mailbox (but that wouln’t affect SMS, or would it?) and now deactivated it the same way. (Well, I don’t think so, honestly.)

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