Calls being forwarded to another device

My calls are sometimes being forwarded to another device and I have no clue where to. Does anyone know how to turn this off?

Some info here:

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Hi everyone!

I got called in the middle of the night by a random number and the second time they tried to call me it shows up as “Call answered on another device” (see screenshot). What does this mean?

Thanks in advance!

Probably means went to a call answering machine.

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Rather than the usual voicemail behaviour, this description, which I don’t recall having seen before, sounds more like the call was intercepted.
Did the phone actually ring this second time?
Have you marked this number as a spam caller?

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Having a look round, I saw this topic, it’s about iPhones but the phone part isn’t important, it’s suggesting this problem may be to do with call forwarding. These are not Android settings but GSM managed on the network operator’s platform. To check:

  • Open the Phone app
  • 3-dot menu > Settings > Calling accounts
  • Tap the network operator’s name
  • choose Call forwarding > Voice
    wait for the phone to retrieve the settings information from the operator
    Check all four settings. “Always forward” should be OFF. The other three would normally be set to your operator’s voicemail service number.

Please note that if there is a strange number set for the conditional forwarding options, this may not be due to malicious activity, it may be an operating mistake at the carrier’s end.

Another possibility is that your carrier is proactively diverting calls from known spammers.

I would advise you to check with your carrier.

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