Calls are terminated frequently

Hi. I have problems with calls being terminated frequently. It happens several times per day. I am in contact with my operator as well regarding this problem but I have used the same simcard for a long time with other phones (Sony Ericsson) without any problem.
Can this have anything to do with my new Fairphone? I would hate to change phone but I don’t really know what else to do…?
Does anyone else have the same problem?

I’ve had this on a couple of occasions as well, and assume it has to do with the place and width of the ‘end call’ button and the way people, or you and I at least, hold the phone while calling.

Maybe this is your problem? Near field (proximity) sensor reacts slowly/hangs up calls

Have you had a look at this thread?

Hi Lovisan. This seems to be a very likely explanation. I do have kind of unruly hair :slight_smile:
Did you put in a trouble report to the Fairphoneteam?

Have not yet done that, having another problem with my front camera that I’m looking into, so that I can post both at the same time. In China atm, so have a quite conservative amount of internet :wink:

I don’t know how to issue a trouble report but I have sent them a mail reporting my problem using this thread.

I actually got this today, not sure if it was because of the person on the other side but the call got terminated twice (once after like a minute and the other directly, I also heard a strange sound before each time). The first time I got the call I kinda messed it up and it kept ringing but without any sound (but I could take the call), the second time it rang but with the default ringtone (FP ring) and the third time with my own ringtone…

Very strange…

Calls terminating happened to me too, and it was caused by my face hitting the hang-up button while talking. There is an easy fix: turn off the screen with the power button after dialling or picking up the phone, so the hang-up button is no longer visible. Hope this helps!

But that shouldn’t be necessary. I have used other smartphones without any problem so I definitely think this must be possible to solve in the phone.