Calls are not working

Thank you for the suggestion. Disabling 4g calling still leaves me unable to make phonecalls.

I m not sure what I can do with the carrier. Moving the SIM card to another phone allows me to make phonecalls fine. It’s only when the SIM card in on the FP4 that I have a problem. What would I even tell them? Especially on a phone they don’t even sell.

P.S. I contacted Fairphone support but they still haven’t gotten back to me. But their ETA did say 5-6 working days and it’s only been 5 working days since so they aren’t late from the time-frame they gave me.

Whether they sell the phone or not, it should work on their network (unless they have a very weird contract and T&C that state otherwise :dizzy_face: ).

Just give them the straight facts. Typically there may be some adjustments that they, and / or Fairphone, need to make. Also tell them that you had no problems for four months after they withdrew 3G, and that your phone is 4G and 5G compatible and is supposed to work with all European operators.

Turn it back on then. That way, it’ll be available as soon as the carrier gets things sorted out.

There could be problem with the age of the SIM.
People have reported that a SIM working in another phone didn’t work in a Fairphone. And that replacing it with a new SIM solved the problem.


I enountered the same issue as the original poster after a fairphone update:

  • sms and mobile network was working
  • could not place or receive calls
    I tried a sim from different carrier, and it was working fine with my FP4. I also requested a new sim card from and it was behaving exactly the same.
    I also tried tried factory reset with no resolution.

What worked for me was to switch to an ESIM.


I have a problem with calls in the car after the update for a FP4. The phone put it on ‘‘silence mode’’ but thats not what i want. I would like to make calls in the car.

Do you have suggestions? Calling with whatsapp in de car is possible…