Callingproblem - have to call twice or three times to make call

It happens more then reasonable that when i want to make a call, i have to try twice or three times because from the first time the ringtone doesn’t appear.
At the receiversside the receiver complains about ‘strange calls’.
Does anyone recongnize this?

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I don’t have an FP3, but I do have cases when placing a call that there is no ringing tone. The phone I’m calling rings normally and when it is picked up the rest of the call is normal. The cases in which I don’t hear a ringing tone seem to be dependent on a combination of networks, as calling a specific number often fails to generate a ringtone when calling via one of my SIMs whilst I never seem to experience this using my other SIM. It only affects certain numbers, hence my presumption that the receiving network also plays a role.

Also, one of my networks takes (a seemingly random time) up to 30s to fully place some international calls, during which time the line is silent (after which the ringing tone will sound). If I hang up during the silent phase, the phone on the other end often will still eventually ring briefly!


Perhaps the update to FP3 A.0110 solves your problem.

Maybe it’s a SIM card / network issue?
Have you also tried another SIM card?

Propably it has been solved now. I didn’t have any issue since …

I have the same problem. i use two sim cards and the problem appears equally on the two cards in about 90% of the outgoing calls. its really annoying, as I use the phone for work and always have to call two/three times before I can hear the other person, but they can hear me. The problem appeared after the last update on Janary 5.

Since i dropped the simcard in the second slot, the callingproblems doesn’t appear anymore. So, it’s still an issue on the first slot Fairphone.

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Hi there :slight_smile:
I also have that problem with my FP3: no dial tone sometimes and no sound from the other side. I have to restart the phone then it works fine. I only have one SIM card.

I thought it might correlate with the mute settings (either after I used the louder/quieter buttons to mute notifications or the ‘don’t disturb’ mode). maybe there is a connection.

But I also have the issue with the phone/some apps having trouble detecting if a headphone is connected, and it continues playing the next track without any sound output :frowning: I can only use my Bluetooth headphones, which is not the best solution for all situations :sleeping:

And my display resting state settings are being ignored (again … FP2 did the same). Always goes dark after 30 seconds, no matter what setting I chose. But that’s another topic :laughing:

I had the same issue twice now. Once I called someone and there was no sound, but I tried again immediately and then it worked (no rebooting required). The other time someone called me and there was no sound. They could hear me. They called me again immediately (again no reboot) and the problem was gone.

I do have the same issue a lot. I use two SIM cards and it happens with both of them. Have to try several times. Sometimes it works, sometimes it won’t work until I reboot the phone. Extremely annoying since I am using the phone also for work. It’s still a phone, shouldn’t it be the easiest thing to make a call??
Any suggestions or help from Fairphone?

I had the same problem. I have the latest build and all updates. For now it seems that changing the sim slot solved the problem.


Ahh, so it is very likely not my SIM card. I experience the same issue.
Will move my SIM-card to the 2nd slot to see if the issue still occurs.