Calling on people with a FP4 to take pictures and tag them with #shotonfairphone

I would like to ask people who have a FP4 already to take pictures and share them on social-media with the hashtag #shotonfairphone and preferably also something like #fairphone4 to make it clear which model is used.

Some examples on Instagram and Twitter, but they are too old to be used with a FP4. Would be cool if people do this more. Because the reviewers do a great job, but I think people want to see more samples.

As nobody has started a new #forumgallery for the FP4 so far I’ve just started one :wink:


Very good plan. I’ve started to do that on my Instagram.

Great idea, but it’s a shame ‘no editing’ is allowed (except the editing the algorithm already does!), as I always manually edit my photos, dslr or mobile phone. It might be nice for people to see some examples of what can be achieved with the FP4 camera and post-production.

I have created a Category at Creative Commons, if some of you take photos that others might want to use.


@t_aus_m: I added one of your photos there, thanks for publishing it under a CC licence!


That’s a misunderstanding, that was just to say that “no editing” happened on the pictures I posted. It’s not a rule for others.


ahh, that’s great. I’ll post the occasional photo myself then when I’m at my computer