Caller not visible after latest update

after installing the latest update, a caller is no longer visible on my phone, I hear the phone ringing but cannot pick up the call. So there is no pop-up visible.

If rebooting the phone does not help please #contactsupport.

You could try to clear the cache of the dialer app. Long-press the Dialer app icon, click on App info, then Storage & cache and finally Clear cache. If this doesn’t help, you can clear the storage via the same menu.

You might also check the permissions of the phone app.


Thanks for the solutions, I tried everything and it was indeed a permissions issue, after the update they were off in the phone app.


Make sure that your phone is set up to show incoming calls. Go to “Settings”, “Apps & notifications”, “Phone”, “App notifications” and make sure that “Incoming calls” is enabled.

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