Caller can't hear me

Hi there! It happens more and more often with my fp1 that callers can’t hear my voice. The line is clear so I understand everything but am not heard by the other person. Any idea if I can do something? Replace? Thanks for your help!

Something wrong with your microphone? Can you record your voice in the recorder app?

Hi! I can record my voice but on a low volume level and with lots of background noises… So that might be it… and I only need to find a new microphone on the market… Tahnks for suggestion!

I believe the microphone is situated on the daughterboard, which should still be available in the official Fairphone online shop. Unfortunately I can’t assure you whether that will solve the issue. It’s just a guess.

Maybe you can try to find a Fairphone Angel near you and he can help you or borrow you a bottom module for testing.
Take a look here:

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