Called person cannot hear me on phone & whatsapp call but on whatsapp video?!

This is a strange one: when I make or receive a call by phone or Whatsapp the other side cannot hear me. But they can hear me when we use whatsapp video. I conducted the checkup test and realized that there is a primary microphone (which is used for phone calls) and a secondary microphone (for ambient sounds). So, my assumption is that that the primary mic is broken and only the secondary is working. Any other theories? Thanky in advance.


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Might be that. Did the test tell you the primary microphone didn’t work?
You could disassemble the phone, take the core module out and carefully clean the contacts with cleaning alcohol.
Otherwise you could also contact a #fairphoneangel to test working spare parts.

Did you do a quick search on this forum about non-working mics, or problem with calls? There is a certain number of topics about it.


Thank you for the quick reply, much appreciated.
When I ran the test it did not tell me anything. But I understood that if I hear myself this would be a sign that the mic works. And I could not hear myself, so this is why I thought that this would be the problem.
Yes, I did a quick search and I did not find anything. If I did a cross posting, sorry about that!

Ok, so if you don’t hear yourself, that means that you have a problem with the main mic (sorry this is what I meant when I said “The test tells”, but obviously I wasn’t clear). That means that you have a problem with the bottom module or related. Were you able to try the rest of my advice in my first post?

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