Call quality and noise cancellation (regular calls, handsfree, Signal voice messages, Microsoft Teams video calls)

I see, thanks for the info.

Yeah, exactly. It just seems like they got way too little people to fix way too many issues. Let’s hope they upscale the dev team.

Wait… What. You mean the “dot” on the left side is the microphone?

I suppose the microphone/camera indicator at the top right. That dot.

Edit: oh wait, with dot you mean the hole on the side of the phone. The “dot” made me think of the UI. sorry out of context.

Hi yes the mic for normal calls is lower left . You can test which mic is used for which purpose via the inbuilt Service tests…

I only have an FP3 Bottom for hand calls Top mic for hands free and video

I got the same problem.

Not sure what your exact issue is, however I moved your post here

Everytime I make phone call or receive a phone call. I can hear the other person voice but the other side who cannot hear my voice.

Help to fix?

From Brooklyn, US.

Despite your post being moved to this call sound quality catch-all thread, your problem sounds like it might be more likely to be the problem described toward the end of this thread, where no sound goes from the phone to the other side, but the other direction works. You may be able to work around this by switching the speakerphone on, then off. If that is the problem, doing so may cause the sound to work until the phone is rebooted.

This seems to happen more often in the US than Europe, but does happen there as well.

Are you sure you are not covering the mic ~ low down on the left :slight_smile:
There are three mics for different uses.

As you are located in the US, check here as well

Edit: I see you are doing so already.

Yep, perhaps I can bring a bit of light in this whole lot of darkness.

I haven’t been able to find a possibility to improve the quality while I am phoning in handsfree mode. It seems to be depending at least in part on which network provider one is using

However, I found out that phoning normally, saying to keep the phone to your ear, it is important not to cover the WiFi and 4G/5G units located in the upper left side of the FP4 5G. As soon as I get my FP4 5G too close to my ear, and if I hold the phone above the left side microphone, connection is getting bad.

I write this since I have no connection issues using my OnePlus 9, no matter how I hold it. So I am sad to say this, but the FP4 5G is badly designed regarding the location of the WiFi and 4G/5G units.

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Is this something you can reproduce consistently? And if so, can you share a picture of how you hold your device? And if you don’t hold it like that, the quality is consistently better?

Yes, I consistently can reproduce it. I have pictures that show how I hold the device so the quality is good. The important thing is not to cover the WiFi and 4g/5G units wich are located somewhere above the left side microphone.
Here are the pictores:

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And when you hold it differently, the quality instantly improves? I’m just making sure there were no rushed conclusions. We’ve seen it before a few times, such as the suggestions to disable the Google app or 5G.


Thank you very much for your wonderful commitment. Yes, you are
absolutely right, Rushed conclusions are also something I am not looking
for. That is why I did some extensive testing by making phone calls with
myself having the headset of my landline number on one side and my FP4
5G on the other, even changing sides. Signal strength of my provider is good but not very good, showing mostly three of four bars.
Calls are VoLTE while data is in 5G NRNSA according to “About the
phone->SIM slot properties”.

Please understand that, in the following, you need to visualize my
findings for yourself since I am blind and have no one to take any
pictures. However, I will describe the results as good as I can. I hope,
that this will make things clearer and will give you all more comfort
using your FP4 5G devices.

Usually, I held my mobile devices int this manner:

  • My phone is in my left hand,
  • It is completely close to the left ear so that my cheek is touching
    the display.
  • My fingers are placed on the narrow sides aside and above the camera;
    my thumb is on the opposite narrow side.
    Result: Dropouts, even breaks for more than five seconds, robotic sounds.

Now, holding the phone as shown in the posted pictures above, I have no
dropouts, no breaks and no robotic sounds.

So, the next thing I changed was to hold the device in the right hand in
this manner:

  • My device is close to the right ear with my cheek touching the display.
  • My fingers are holding it in its lower half with my thumb being aside
    the on/off/finger print button and the other fingers being on the
    opposite narrow side.
    Result: No dropouts, no breaks, no robotic sounds.

IMHO, these tests show that it is important to keep the sending and
receiving units located in the upper half next to the camera and narrow
side of the FP4 5G as uncovered as ever possible. Anyone needs to find
out for oneself which way is best to hold the device, so that also the
microphone on the upper side is not covered by the ear.

I am encouraging all of you who have call quality problems just to play
around, change habits, and report your findings here. I am absolutely
convinced that this will solve some of the call quality problems, never
forgetting that this also may always be an issue of network coverage. …


And just to point this out:
I am strictly talking about normal phone calls over a provider’s network using 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G, not Teams, Signal, video calls etc.

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Hmm. I get this problem sometimes with the phone lying on the sofa besides me. No hands whatsoever.
I’m afraid it’s more complicated than the classical Apple “you’re holding it wrong” bad antenna placement issue… :grin:

Did this all through this thread (or those threads, threads tend to change names like underwear here… :roll_eyes:).

Anyway, to summarize my findings so far:

  • Holding it or not holding it: No influence :x:
  • Headphones (wired): No influence - :x:
  • Headphones (FP earbuds): Not enough data - :question:
  • Temperature: Potential correlation, not enough data - :interrobang:
  • Google app (see beginning of thread): No influence - :x:
  • 5G: No influence - :x:
  • Reception quality causing protocol switching (4G/5G): Potential correlation, not enough data - :interrobang:


it’s definitely more complicated than the classical Apple “you’re
holding it wrong” bad antenna placement issue, at least if you break it
down to the handsfree issue having tested it with the different network
carriers here in Germany. Whereas Vodafone cancels noises for half a
second, Telekom cancels it for a second. I found that out by laying my
FP4 5G aside a playing radio calling it from o2 over my OnePlus 9 and
then turning on handsfree on my FP4 5G.

If holding it or not holding it has no influence and wired headphones
also don’t, then my guess would be either not enough network coverage or
some configuration issues your network carrier is having.

Network coverage can’t be the culprit, I’m currently in downtown Paris with excellent (5 bars) 5G reception, and in this exact same location I sometimes have and sometimes do not have those problems!..
So far I wasn’t able to find any logical explanation why it happens when it happens, all I know is it’s not location or reception related.
Configuration issues would be a good explanation, but it doesn’t explain why it only happens sometimes, with the same ISP, in the same location, on the same day.
I’m afraid it’s not that simple. :frowning_face: