Call Issues: Only every other word is heard by other person. It's driving me nuts!

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction.

I have been a proud Fairphone 3+ owner for about 5 years now and never had any problems with telephone calls until the past couple of months.

Not all the time, but every now and then I have the other person complaining that they can’t hear me properly. In fact they only catch every 2nd or 3rd word.

It has happened when trying to speak to my wife and my dad but mostly it is calls to/from the doctors surgery, the bank and callers that seem to be using 0300 numbers or VoIP lines. It’s a nightmare because usually involves me trying to give DOB or numbers down the phone with every other number being missed!!

Could this be their issue (no-one with other phones seem to have this issue)
Could it be a hardware issue at my end? If so, should I try replacing a module? Which one?
Is it a signal issue?

I just can’t work it out.

(I’ve just bought a pair of Fairphone TWS Earbuds and so I will explore whether this happens when calling while connected to headphones. Will update)

Any help would be really appreciated.



Thought I’d update this post as I’m still having the issues and I think I might need to upgrade my phone. I’m really torn between getting another Fairphone (ethically better but hasn’t lasted as long as I’d hoped) or getting a second hand Samsung as my last one lasted 7 years with no issues.

I’ve tried calling with my TWS Earbuds but not any better. My wife is on same network (not using FP) with no problems so can’t be network.

So it must be to do with FP’s ability to deal with VOiP or something?

Any last nuggets of help before I throw the phone into the recycling? :frowning:


If you use any advanced features such as VoLTE (Voice over LTE, calling forced via 4G network) or Wi-Fi calling (instead of using the cellular network), you could disable them for testing.
(But only disable VoLTE in areas with network alternatives still available as a fallback.)

Else there’s a network reset available in the settings which might do something.

Turning the phone off (no reboot, real shutdown) and reseating the SIM card comes to mind, too (efficiently combining 2 separate troubleshooting steps).

Please consider selling it via the Market category or donating it as spare parts to fairphoneangels.

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Thanks AnotherElk, I’ve never touched the VoLTE as I never knew what it does. It’s currently off but I might have a play with those settings and see if it makes any difference.


Ps, I wouldn’t really chuck the phone in the bin. I’ll return to FP when not used. I’m hoping to keep it running until the Fairphone subscription service reaches the UK.