Call from 00544325302796 during reboot

Each time I reboot, I get a call from 00544325302796. Weird.

No idea what this number is and if it’s a bug?

Hi @michaelheuberger

Well, +54 seems to be Argentina’s country code. Do you by any chance know anyone from there?
I’m thinking of some weird variation of this function that automatically calls back when the recipient is available. (Not sure what it’s called) So maybe this is somehow triggered when your phone is starting up again.
It sure is a weird bug though. Did you ever answer this call?

I know nobody from Argentina and look, the weird issue is that this happens only during reboots.

By the way, as a Deaf person I never answer calls. Would you mind calling this number for me and find out more?

Hope anybody can explain me how come this happens during a reboot?

I’m actually not very eager to place a long distance call on a hunch, I hope you can understand.
However, you could recreate the event with a friend. If there’s only the dial tone after answering the call it probably is this call back function I mentioned above. In any case they could then find out who’s calling you.

If you’re a hundred percent sure this is not someone important you could also block the number.