Call for testers of RC1.2.6

I downloaded the zip file and opened it with the updater app, the update was installed in a minute or less and google apps stayed disabled.
For some reason I’m always the only one who does it this easy way, the others apply the update through recovery and apparently that only works with the standard recovery. (I don’t know if my method would work with TWRP)
Root permissions will be gone after the update, but flashing a modified boot.img seems like an easy solution to get them back. (From what I read in the beta category).
And apparently when you install the update via recovery some GAPPS get reenable again.

I’m not doing anything if I’m not a beta tester because without access to the beta category of the forum I lack lots of info…

By the way why noone got back to me with that?

Did you send them an email?
Well, maybe because it was weekend. :slight_smile:

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Yes I did sent an email… I don’t understand weekends, I have a completely disfunctionnal phone… :confused::wink::grin:

Yes it is. I did it but i also reflashed rooted recovery (with updated boot.img - shared in beta test forum) to keep superuser working. But maybe you will need to disable again google service after.

I’d love to betatest, because point 1-3 apply, but without any possibility to backup and restore the entire phone it’s an absolute no-go for me.

Backup is always an issue to Android, so I think it’d be pretty good if the FP2 had an easy way to do it.

I used Titanium Backup to make selected backup.
I never try with ADB (adb backup -apk -shared -all -f data.bak), but I will try tonight.

Anyone got a better solution? (Maybe I should open a new thread to not polluted this one)

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You’ll find some ways to backup your phone without root (Titanium needs root) here: (CC: @NicoM )

Also, installing the update shouldn’t delete any user apps or data. At least it didn’t for me. (I simply opened the zip with the updater, not through recovery)


Any feedback from testers? Reboots any better?

thanks for the update Paul. Sounds promising.

@paulakreuzer what about using the phone while charging?

I believe most people who tested so far didn’t have the issue in the first place, but at least one reported it still happens.

thanks! I was afraid that might be the answer…

If only I had more experience with software I would join the beta testers and try to help… :-/

I know @Douwe’s post says they are “specifically looking for people who [amongst other things] can explain fastboot, ADB and how to restore a Fairphone to their 8-year-old nephew”, but I can’t do that and I had no problem installing the update and test it. And even though I didn’t have most issues to begin with I did experience some improvements.


I totally want to be in here!
Hope to get some solutions for the issues I have…

If you are still interested. So am I. Have issues with random reboots during calling and calls, as well as high sensitive screen. Also lots of dropped calls and calls were the mic stops working.

Regards Ubbeus

Please send them a mail:

Hey everyone,

are there any news how well the update worked for the testers? And was the update already submitted to Google for verification? @Douwe ?

Thank you!


Haven’t read that anyone had problems with updating the OS, also for me it went smooth.

Also see Call for testers of RC1.2.6


Sensor Readout seems to tell me distance sensor is not working properly (not at all actually) on my FP2.

Do you want me to try something?