Call blocking feature in FP Open

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I’ve been looking at the forum about this problem, but I only found a couple of entries from two years ago and referring to the same alternative: NoPhoneSpam, which I tried with no success.

The thing is I found an entry about the topic where it is said that this feature is included in Android 6. My question would be as follows: would this feature be included in FP Open? I couldn’t find any reference to this.

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There’s hope for the coming Android 7 though, because call blocking was there in LineageOS (based on AOSP like Fairphone Open OS) when it was based on Android 7 …

… and is still there now with LineageOS being based on Android 8. I checked.

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Well, there will be always the option to use LineageOS instead of FP Open… Now I just need to find enough time to install it :sweat_smile: Hopefully it will be implemented before it happens.

At least we have a possible solution :grinning: Thank you very much @AnotherElk!

I think you need to add the contact beforehand and then block it through its contact card (“redirect to something” was the option, IIRC). I’ve not personally tested it, though, since I’m in Lineage OS.

Hi @Roboe!

Yes, thank you. I read that was an option, but just to redirect the annoying phone call to our voice-mail.

LineageOS still as the best solution so far apparently :grin:



Silly quetion, I guess: whats the difference between those two options? I don’t have voice-mail and I felt like it auto-rejected those calls as if I pressed the cancel button.

I guess there wouldn’t be any difference in that case :roll_eyes:. Actually it might be a solution, I would just have to disable my voice-mail and create a “Spammers” contact so I’ll give it a try before installing LineageOS :joy:

Thanks @Roboe!

Edit: Oops! Disabling my voice-mail and creating the new contact, the option to redirect to the voice-mail doesn’t appear :crazy_face:

Does the contact have at least a phone number? :thinking:

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Yes, it does :sweat: I didn’t want to publish their number though…

I guess @Roboe meant there should be a number entered for the Spammers contact, perhaps the redirect setting only appears when the contact to redirect has a number.

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I have installed and use Blacklist Blocker to block Spam SMS and private/anonymous numbers !

FP Open OS

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I guessed so. Yes, it has a phone number, but the option to direct the contact to the voice-mail doesn’t appear :disappointed_relieved:

Oh! I saw the app was recently updated. I’ll give it a try as well :smile:

Thank you very much for your replies! :hugs:

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