Calendar Timezones

Hi. When I’m in another time zone, I want my Calendar entries to show up at the time of my original entry. So I don’t want the time to change. For example, if while in Switzerland I enter a meeting scheduled for 1pm, then I fly to the UK and open my Calendar, I want my meeting to show up at 1pm as well. I want the time of the phone to show the correct time though. With my old iphone this was possible. How do I do that with the FP…? Thanks for your time and regards, Stefan

I can only assume this was possible with this app and not through a specific OS option to keep two different time zones.
But maybe you want to explain how this actually was setup on IOS, maybe there is someone out there knowing an equivalent on Android. We are not that far behind the big fruit. :wink:

Hier. I don’t know which kind of calendar you use, but you could try

Edit (I saved too soon…): I use etar and there is an option to keep the original time zone in the general settings.

Thank you both for your time and interest! Here’s some further information:

The Calendar app that I use is called Digitec. Unlike the Google Calendar app, those time zone choices are not available within the app. I searched in the help area of the app and came accross the following article: I just followed those instructions again, I even rebooted the phone, but it still doesn’t work. With the recommended settings, the time of the phone isn’t the local time of the timezone that I’m in…

I therefore believe it’s not a fault of the Calendar app, but of the OS of FP2…

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