Calendar not working after Update to newest 1.7.8 with stagefright fix

After I updated to the newest version the google calendar is not working properly. When I start it it takes ages to show the entries and when I use an external calendar app (e.g. business calendar 2) the app simply crashes whenever I try starting it.
Did someone else experience the same problem?
Are there ideas to fix the issue? Restarting and re-installing the calendar app as well as logging in and syncing the google account again didn’t help here.

What I can say is, the calendar can be really slow if it has to integrate a large number of past events. In my family we have been handling various calendars built around .ics files stored on a central host, for years now. Adding one such calendar on the phone, by means for instance of icsDroid (free/open on F-droid) results in an enormous delay while the calendar app is “integrating” it, and also some sporadic huge CPU spending, which I didn’t really manage to control up to now.
If you have a very large calendar file to ync, it may be that the cal app is just… thinking about it…

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Yes, calendars can grow over time, and how often does one need to go back and check what happened last year? I use the Calendar Cleanup app (in the playstore) for deleting past entries. Smooth. Don’t know if it will solve @Tobias_Muller’s problem though.
There might be open source alternatives, but I haven’t searched for them.

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I never had that problem before, even after re-installing the fairphone OS again. But with the new update it keep on behaving like that.

Hi @Tobias_Muller,

i have no issues with Google Calendar and 1.8.7. Is it possibly just a coincidence and not related to the update?
Good luck with solving that issue. Sounds really annoying.

I don’t have google apps so I don’t know much about it. But if you can make sure somehow that the calendar is still stored in the cloud you can try the following:
go to settings > apps > all > calendar and tap clear cache and clear data and then do the same with calendar storage and google calendar/storage (if that exists?).