Calendar - how to delete all content and start fresh?

Hi - I wish to delete all entries in my FP2 calendar (in LineageOS) and to download them all again from my Mac (OS 10.10.5), using SyncMate v.6.6. But for the life of me I can’t find how to proceed. I am using Etar – no joy there. Where should I start? thx for your help!

I don’t know syncmate, but you can delete the App’s cache and data in Settings => Apps => Calendar (if it doesn’t show up: Gear icon => show system apps) => Storage :slight_smile:


Hi Stanzi – I did as you wrote (went into Settings>Apps>Etar and deleted Cache and Data and force-shutdown the app) — upon restart the data are still there. Did the same with the standard app «Kalender» (which I had to activate first because I had deactivated it long ago) — still no change.

Do you sync your calendar with an account? If so you’ll have to delete the calendar in the cloud too.

Yes, I do, and that was probably one of the reasons why it all became so hard for me to see through. I may be wrong, and if I am, please tell me how to put it right, but I decided to keep the iCloud calendar as a backup from which to renew the FP2 calendar as well as the one on my desktop Mac and my wife’s. The plan to clean out the FP2’s calendar was meant as a second step, the first having been to disconnect the iCloud calendar from the Mac and to delete all entries on my Mac. I have had to change my Apple-ID a while ago because the old one used a defunct e-mail address and I couldn’t keep it. I wasn’t aware that I should have deactivated the Apple-ID on all my devices before changing it, and then re-connect them. Consequently I can’t reconnect my iCal with the iCloud calendar where all the events are stored… I imagined I should clean out the events from the FP2 as well, find out how I could reinstall a «clean» iCal on my Mac and then copy all the events to the FP2 and to the Mac, and later sync them with SyncMate. But maybe I’ve turned it all upside down? It really is quite a mess now…

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