Calendar doesn't open at all

Hi everybody,
I’m at a loss… my calendar (open OS default calendar) doesn’t open. Whenever I touch the icon, the screen turns white for the fraction of a second - and then nothing. According to the app info the calendar exists and is able to do all sorts of things. Weird. Oh, I never really used my calender so far, as I was just getting started to synchronise it with my posteo calendar. Long way to go…
Thank you for any ideas!

Not a solution, but try to instal Etar from F-droid. I find it better than the regular calendar. And maybe it will work on your phone!

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Have you tried to delete the app data?

yay! thank you so much, Roboe!

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thank you for your recommendation, chrisse, I’ll definitly keep Etar in mind!

I use Etar on my FP2 and it works like a charm. Dark mode is great for the eyes.

Glad to be of help! :grinning:

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