Calendar Difficulties - Outlook

Dear Users,

I would appreciate some help with my calendar.
I use a MacBook pro, on which I have an Exchange (business) email account, and a personal Outlook account. The calendars for both accounts sync perfectly with my iCal app, so I can see appointments on both calendars at the same time. This is absolutely necessary for our family. I used to be able to do this in the same way on my old iPhone, but am having difficulties since transferring to Fairphone.

The Exchange calendar is showing on the Calendar app. I cannot, however, work out how to add my Outlook calendar to the Calendar app. When I go onto the app settings, there is no option to add another account.

In terms of emails, the Exchange (business) account is set up fine. My personal Outlook emails are also set up fine. But the calendar does not show.

When I set up the Outlook account, I set it up as a “Personal (IMAP)” account. It wouldn’t let me set up my Outlook as an Exchange account (as I have on my Macbook Pro). I don’t know if this is part of the problem, but I mention it just in case.

All I want it my Outlook calendar to show in the calendar app alongside my Exchange calendar. Surely, this must be possible. If it is not, I will have to go back to iPhone, which I would rather not do for so many reasons, but my family simply cannot function without having all calendars in one place!

Many thanks in advance for your generous help. I look forward to reading your advice.


Mrs Williams

If you go in Settings → Accounts, you should have an option to add an account.

On my FP2, as I don’t usebthe Google services, I use Davx5 (available on F-Droid) to synchronise my mail account. There you should also be able to add another account.

Hi Alex,
Than you for the response!
When I go on Settings - Accounts - my Outlook account is already listed.
But it is not showing in my Google Calendar app. It is only showing in my emails.

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Hi Mrs. Williams,

In your case I would probably recommend installing the official Microsoft Outlook app:

and configuring you accounts/calendars there.

It should also be possible to add the account via IMAP, for server settings see

But the Outlook app should be much easier.

Good luck!