Calendar app/widget not synchronising correctly

I updated to the new 1.6 Cherry this morning and also unified the internal storage of the phone - after which I had to use the backup and set al my preferences again. Everything seems to work, except the agenda app. I installed the widget on my homescreen, like I had before, and connected it to my google account. I also used a the fairphone backup app to restore, among other things, my agenda. But now, somehow, it doesn’t sync right.

All my appointments are marked in the same colour and are part of the ‘PC Sync’ agenda. When I open the app, press the menu button and then go to Agenda’s (to set which google agenda’s are visible on my phone) the PC Sync is right at the top. However, when I go to Settings and then the settings for my account (where you can see and adjust which agenda’s are being synchronized) the PC Sync is not on the list.

Even stranger is the fact that now all my other agenda’s (personal, work, tasks, etc) have 0 appointments in them, even in the browser on my laptop. No PC Sync, no appointments, nothing.

Can anyone help me solve this problem?

EDIT: Seems like new appointments are no problem, but all the old ones are bundled together in one agenda in my phone and have disappeared elsewhere. I assume it is a backup problem. Maybe Fairphone could improve the app to be more functional after using the backup - though I really hope it will not be necessary again in the future.

Is this because you have restored your appointments which are also stored in your google calendar online? If so, you could delete everything in the PC Sync calendar, and make sure your google one is showing…

Make sure you have your google calendar set to sync by going into Settings and select Google under Accounts. Press on your google email address then make sure your Calendar is selected.