Buying from a retailer

I’m thinking about buying a Fairphone soon.
It would be cheaper to do so from the retailer in my country. However, I don’t completely trust them to deal properly with warranty claims (there are stories about warranty claims being denied because phones were damaged by the user, even when they aren’t).

If I buy a phone from my local retailer, can I still ask for warranty directly from Fairphone, if needed? Or do I have to buy directly from Fairphone for that?

You might find the information on the homepage of the EU

In general;

Under EU rules, a trader must repair, replace, reduce the price or give you a refund if goods you bought turn out to be faulty or do not look or work as advertised.

But you will find on that page under “Guarantees for faulty goods” a section to “Choose country”, where you will find more specific information.

And then there is this thread:

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Thanks for te reply.

Yes, I know the consumer law in my country, but I also know that some stores and companies try to “misinform” the customers and deny responsibility whenever they can. Even resorting to formal complaints can take a significant amount of time to get replies. That is why I wanted to know if I could instead deal with Fairphone.

Anyway, thanks for the help.

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Just make sure you keep “Proof of purchase” from your retailer, that is needed to consult Fairphone Support with warranty requests if you haven’t bought directly from the Fairphone Shop.


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