Buying FP3 main module / coremodule


I have a FP3 on the repair for someone in France. The unit fell in a child bath for a small time, got rescued, dried and turned on again. Its working, except for the screen, that stay black.

The LED indicates battery loading, the phone vibrate when starting up, the person said she could answer calls, but with no image on the screen.

The person contacted Fairphone support, and bought a new FP3 screen module on their advice, but the problem remains even with a new screen module.

The person sent me the module, I disassembled it, and cleaned the small soap spots I could seen on the components but with no success for the moment.

My question : is it possible to buy a new FP3 main module somewhere ? I did not found it on Are those modules on a temporary shortage ? Where they available for once ?

FP3 core modules have not been directly available so far, and from FP2 experience, I would not expect that they will become so from Fairphone themselves ( used to offer FP2 core modules, but no FP3 core modules). All that is known is the repair price list (prices include repair service etc.):

P.S.: Note the “FP3 Rear Module” that we might usually think of as an integral part of the core module.


Hi, thanks a lot for your answer.

I note that FP3 camera module is listed here at : 89€ ; and there at 49€.

Idem, screen module : 129 / 89,95 …

I’ll continue studying the situation (and I’m trying to treat the hill with the hill, to remove soap spots everywhere at once…

In the text of the repair page:
“We want to be sure that you are aware of the costs involved in a repair - including material, shipping, and handling costs”

Headline of the 3rd column of the repair price table:
“Material + repair and shipping costs”

In the shop you only get material costs, shipping costs are added at checkout, and no repair costs there obviously :wink: .

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